Technologies that could shape the future of haulage and logistics industry


The logistics and haulage industry has enjoyed a rapid change over time that has seen large developments through a series of time periods. It was not long ago that idea such as the internet of things, 3D printing and the potential for drone delivery was a mere fantasy.

Here we take a quick look at some of the new technologies that have come into prominence and what it could mean for the the likes of all haulage companies from Cheshire to Cumbria – and supply chain industries.

3D Printing

The idea of 3D printing has been in the heads of people all over the world for several years now, though now seems to be the time that it making major breakthroughs. The cutting edge technology is making it possible for manufacturers, businesses and individual to print exact working replicas of parts and products using all sorts of materials from metals, plastics, composite materials and even human tissue.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is a revolutionary technology that allows devices to communicate with one another without the need of human intervention. The application in future logistics will expect an increase in speed, decrease in waste and lead to a reduction in overall costs. Machine to machine technology is set to hugely increase the efficiency of the industry, whereby even the likes of understanding exactly when and why a haulage truck needs a repair can be measured.

Drone Delivery

The future of logistics experienced a large spark in interest as relatively recent ideas were presented by the likes of Ali Baba and Amazon, who were attempting to demonstrate the ability of a drone making general package deliveries. While many think the idea is a long way off reality, some believe that drone deliveries could be used to help deliver items such as drugs to remote locations, in times of crisis. How things develop will certainly be of interest to all parties working within the haulage and logistics industry.

Driverless Vehicles

Visionaries Google had created an idea that the future would revolve around self-driving vehicles, able to navigate with electronic eyes and ears that would not require human input. This would potentially lower the costs of logistics, while would require significant investment and time in allowing the type of development to take place. It is understood the manufacturers and retailers would like to see this development sooner, though haulage firms would take a more cautious approach, though open to the embracing of new technologies to evolve the industry.

Image credit: pixabay ‘spacesurfer’

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