Abnormal Loads


J Wood and Sons offer quality services for a variety of loads including abnormal loads and have done for nearly forty years. We provide abnormal loads in the UK, covering the North West as well as many other places throughout the UK and Europe.

Whether your requirement is big or small, we will be able to provide a relevant solution to suit your needs. Our small but eclectic range of vehicles means we can offer our clients suitable transport, which is tailored to their requirements. Our abnormal load pilot vehicles are one of our varied vehicles we have to offer, which provides our clients with a range of options to suit them.

We understand that transporting abnormal loads can be difficult. As part of our services we will plan and prepare the appropriate vehicle and route in order to gets your goods delivered to you without the expense of risk or damage. Our qualified and experienced team of staff and highly-trained drivers will ensure you get the best quality service possible. All abnormal load pilot vehicles are sat-tracked with hands-free mobile systems for our drivers and come equipped with tracking devices. This means you can be assured that your load is going to the right place, at the right time.







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